AC50S very loud fan - can't be normal

I plugged in my new AC50S this morning for its first full charge. The fan is LOUD, as loud as my room air conditioner. Is this normal? The reviews I read before purchasing noted the quite fan. Something must be wrong.

The fan should run during charging to protect the batteries from heat damage. If there is an unusual squeal or scraping sound then no that would not be normal. If it is a normal smooth running fan sound then I would think what you are experiencing is normal. I have several ecoflow products and thought the fan was loud while others thought it to be quiet so It is probably relative to each persons perception. Or…you have a very quiet window AC :thinking:

Thank you Scott! I will assume that I am a worry wart and that the fan is normal.

As long as I have you here, do you know when I will receive the solar panel I ordered with my AC50s?
Order #Bluetti-US6462. Order status has said “Preparing for shipment” for several days…

THANKS ! ! ! !

I wish I could help you with the solar panel shipping issue, but I am but a mere civilian with moderator privileges. If you sent an e-mail to: they should be able to answer your questions. In my experience there has been a delay all year with the time the order is placed verses the actual shipment. The order is processed, shipping label usually printed and then a delay of up to a week before the freight carrier receives the product for shipment. It is not unusual for the panels and the machine to arrive at different times.

Thanks, Scott. Appreciate your help.