AC50S | Pass-through charging

Hello everyone,

I have searched the forum but could not find if the AC50S (other than the AC200P) supports pass-through charging.

Can anyone confirm? Thank you.

Disregard everyone. Just found it in the manual too, but the words “pass-through charging” was not used. Please see below:

**Can it charge and discharge simultaneously?**

Yes, but it is not recommended to charge and discharge at the same time in order to
protect the battery life.

Check out
Professor Hobo
He does a REALLY fine job testing these things out, alone AND against each other.
*To your question he finds that pass through charging works and does not put any great strain on it. He is not, of course, able to do a longitudinal test. This is a relatively new unit. ** He did test the precursor AC50 and has tested many other Bluetti units. ***Common sense will tell you if you use any of these power stations on full time pass through it will have a shorter life.