AC50S not showing AC Watts being used

Hello, my AC50S will not show any power being used when I plug into the inverter. The inverter does work, powers up the devices I use, no indication on the panel. the DC side works fine. Any ideas would be great. I have tried for several months to get a hold of Bluetti support, by phone and email, no response.

Hi @wntrhwk , In the case of relatively low power consumption, the output value will not be displayed. But the machine is supplying power to your device normally, please don’t worry.

Hello, I was using a small drill that used over 60 watts. When I first bought the AC50S it would register the drill with the proper wattage showing on the panel. It would register down to very small wattage. Now it does not register wattage at all.

I am also having the same problem on my EB50S. I connected 1 12W LED bulb - load measurement is still 0 zero. I connected a 90W laptop charger with laptop powered on and still doesn’t show the load.
But when I connected both bulb and laptop charger, simultaneously, it is only showing 27 watts.
I tried it on another PS, it was able to measure either bulb or charger, or even both and it measures 37W.

@molfato I think you are referring to the AC50S. Our equipment measures the output power by measuring the power at the output end of the internal circuit board, while your tester measures the power at the socket. Different measurement points will cause errors. In addition, the power is too small and cannot be displayed because the current is too small and there is an error in the sampling accuracy.