AC50S no AC output

My AC50s show error code E36 due to overload. I wait more than 30 mins still no AC output , but DC working fine. I just purchased online from Bluetti in August. Sent request to support no response. I believe it under warranty…

Any suggestions here for first AID or process to open support to claim.


hold the AC button down for five full seconds to turn off and then press the AC button again to turn on again. This assumes that nothing is plugged into the AC sockets at the time and no loads are present.

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Thanks, I have tried and recorded my steps here. Any comments?

Hi friend,

Sorry for the inconvenience.
Have you ever tried to charge any other devices with AC output? Are they working?
Ad what’s the power of your fan?

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Already try with other device and not working. See my fan and other devices usage photo I took before it no output. AC50s display show “E36” then I follow use manual to power-off and wait. So now it’s no AC output since then. (DC output / Wireless charge working fine.)

Contact the service e-mail.