AC50S error code E37


My AC50S gives an E37 error as soon as I turn on the AC circuit - even with no load.

Any idea what is wrong.

DC circuit seems to fine.




  1. Please remove the load, and restart the AC, if it works normally, please check the specifications of your device.
  2. If the error code is still displayed, the mainboard may need to be replaced.

Please let me know which platform did you buy from and the order number, then I can provide you with an email address to reach the CS department and contact them to help you.

Not working

Less than 1 year old.

Order number SPF-BT-UK-1226 (Bluetti-UK)

Response please. Surely under guarantee.

Still awaiting a response……

Still awaiting a response……please

Now DC circuit is also not working.

@CraigS Please contact They will help you to solve the problem.