AC50s DC-Car output E27

Hi there,

I just tried to use my electric Stand Up Paddle Pump with my new Bluetti AC50s via the cigarette-car output.
However, the display showed Error E27 when plugging in.
The thing is, my father also owns an AC50s and there the pump worked fine.
In the pumps specifications it says it uses 110 Watt. The AC50s’ plug can provide 12V/10A - so it would be 120 Watts, it should work.
The pump also works fine when plugged to the car.
Other 12V-cigarette-adapters e.g. chargers for USB are also working fine.

What can I do? Is there something broken inside? Who can I ask for support?

Upon start up the pump draws more power and also when the item being pumped up builds pressure. You are right on the ragged edge of working or not working.

Yes I thought so… but how can it be that the same device works on another AC50s but not on mine?

I would have to know the circumstances of each run. Was one under load and the other just running the pump without being connected to anything? What was the state of charge for each AC50S? If one was higher percentage than the other that could be the straw that broke the camels back on one running and not the other. Were both car charge plugs fully seated and making good electrical connection in their sockets?

There also is slight variation between samples. Similar to one car getting slightly better than another of the same make and model in similar situations. Since you are right at the edge of working or not, it would not take much to overload.

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