AC50S Cooling Fan Runs Continuously During Charge

I just purchased an AC50S with the Bluetti 120W solar panel. I am currently charging the unit for the first time using solar. The cooling fan is running continuously (~87W input). Is this normal operation? Thanks in advance.

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I’m wondering the same thing. Brand new, just plugged into AC outlet to charge and fan came on. I thought the fan would only run if it became hot. I’m just concerned this may not be normal behavior.

I’m also wondering about the AC converter light - if the Bluetti is turned on it’s red, if AC50S is turned off it’s solid green even though the AC50S isn’t fully charged. Confusing.

Sorry I’m no help, but at least you’re not alone. :frowning_face:

I just received mine today and charging AC and fan is contiuous. No answer on this?

Welcome @Loey62 to the forum! After charging your unit with the supplied AC charger to 100%, unplug the charger. Does the fan remain on?

It is normal for the unit to feel a little bit hot during charging & the fan for the unit will turn when it detects a temp above 40* C/104* F.

If the unit is fully charged, the ambient temp is between 0-40C/32-104F, and the fan remains on under no AC/DC loads, I would reach out to and they will take care of you.

Also here’s a link to the AC50s user manual if you haven’t looked over it yet. Hope this all helps! :metal:

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Thanks for the quick reply. The fan stopped when fully charged. The unit didn’t feel hot but the power supply brick looking thing did. Sound like this will be normal during every charge?
I do have the users manual , however, not a whole lot of info there nor very discriptive.
Thanks again. Next will be testing solar charging once I get a panel.

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@Loey62 yes it’s common for the fan to be on when it’s charging up. It’s in there to help protect the unit from getting to hot and damaging anything. I’m glad it’s all working as planned for you too. Please holler if ya have any other questions!