AC50s charging

hello everyone! :)
I have a question about AC50s charging process
unfortunately, in a basic equipment I’ve got this power station with 90W charging adapter
but the max input wattage on AC50s is 120W
so can I use, for example, Bluetti T200s adapter to charge it?
is there any controller inside to input only supported 120W? or this controller is placed inside T200s?
my purpose is to decrease charging time by increasing input wattage

thank you in advance for your answers!))

I use the 200w charger that came with a Bluetti EB70 to charge my AC50S and it maxes out at 120w. Same thing with a 200w solar panel, 120w is the best it will do.

Hi @melonjam
Please have a look at the maximum DC Input (Voltage) your AC50S can handle and what the AC Adapter is delievering. If its within the values, it shouldnt be a problem.


thank you for information!)
okay, I’ll check

big thanks! really appreciate your help