AC50s bluetooth pairing

could you, please, tell - can I connect this device to Bluetti app via bluetooth?

Use a smartphone or tablet to determine if tbe AC50 is a visible device under the Bluetooth menu. If it is discovered, then the app can access it.

@melonjam The AC50S is not bluetooth or wifi compatible. So it cannot be app controlled.

thank you for answer! is there any option to increase the input wattage when it’s charging from AC adapter?
because input wattage which I have it’s only 86W, but max supported input is 120W

I use a Bluetti 200w charger or a 200w solar panel to get 122w on my AC50S.

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@melonjam What percentage was your battery when you read that it was only inputting 86w?? As the battery fills up, the input wattage is going to drop. This is completely normal with these units. The AC charging brick that came with the unit should be giving you 90w but I like to use my variable power supply for charging these units. You can pick them up on amazon relatively cheap and they can be utilized across many different units. Heres one that would work for the ac50s…

My AC50S came with a 90w charger.

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@eric102 thanks Eric. I just double checked and you’re right, the ac charging bricks that are coming with these units now, are in fact 90w. I edited my above post to hopefully prevent confusion. So @melonjam if you want to input more then the 86-90w you’re getting now… either get a power supply like I listed above, or get some panels that will work within the input voltage range allowed for this unit. I suggest the pv200 unit.