AC500 with two batteries problem

i have two batteies connected to my AC500 on both connectors in the ac500 not in series.
sometimes over Knight one battery is switched off. both batterys have 75%. no load is connected and all outputs are switchrs off. in the morning PV power charges only one battery and i have to twitch in the other battery.
eco mode is off. what can i do to prevent powering off one battery?


@bluetti_andifrtonlinede May I know the SN of the AC500 and the firmware version of the two batteries? Also, did you cross-check the expansion port and the cable?

i tested cable and batteries crossover and it happend non specific random on one Batterie.

SN of the ac500 is 2248000541055
the fw Version in both Batteries is 1022.09


@bluetti_andifrtonlinede The firmware version of the battery is the latest. Please connect AC500 with one battery, and do a full cycle of charge and discharge to correct the SOC of both batteries. I guess “it happend non specific random on one Batterie” means that the battery pack is not fixedly displayed in a certain position, so you can’t make sure which one may have a problem?

It has nothing to do with the SN. Everyone has this same problem and Bluetti either gives a sh*t about it or is mentally challenged to see here are tons of posts like this each one describing the very same issue!

Everybody did this. This has nothing to to with leveling the SoC measuring. You simply have an annoying bug that only charges one battery when many are connected. I mean really, there is a shipload of comments about this problem with very detailed error reports. And all you come up with is always the same lame excuse about SoC leveling just being a measuring issue? C’mon you really can’t be that stup*d!