AC500 with 3 batterys B300. How many cables P090D to P150D?

Hello everyone,

I have 3 x B300 and would like to buy the AC500 to connect them to it.

Should I buy 2 x P090D To P150D cables?

Because, if I’m logical, in the chain of the two B300, I connect the second Pack B300 to the first Pack B300 with the original cable supplied. Then the second Pack on the AC500 (Chain 1) with the famous cable: P090D To P150D.

As I have 3 x B300s, I only need 2 x P090D to P150D cables?

AC500 (input chain1) === P090D To P150D ===> Pack N°1 B300 ===> Fusion cable P090D standard ==> Pack N°2.
AC500(input chani2) === P090D To P150D ===> Pack N°3 B300.

Could you please confirm this before ordering?

My last question: If i use the connector M28 with this configuration ( 3 x B300) what Power Watts
can delivered ? *


Thanks for your help.

AC500 connected to 3*B300s need two P090D to P150D cables.
Your connection is correct: the two ports of AC500 are connected with two P090D to P150D cables, which are connected to two B300s, and the remaining third B300 is connected to one of the B200s.
With three B300s connected, the AC500 can output up to 5kW.


Very good new for me. I am going to upgrade My AC300 to AC500 with this features.
Thanks for your help. :grinning:


Can’t that already be achieved with 2x B300S?

Hi Jan Yes 5kw can be achieved with 2 xB300s

Hi Jean from your description its a little unclear if you have 3 x B300 or 3 x B300s or both? However - if you have 3 x B300 then -

You can run all 3x B300 in serial on one chain port of the AC500 then you only need 1 x P090D To P150D to connect to the 1st B300. The other 2 x B300 then connect using the existing B300 cables linked in serial configuration from the 1st B300

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Thanks for your help.
I have ordered 2 x P090D To P150D.
My question:
What solution is best ? when i have two P090D To P150D
Use one chain or use two chains now ?
Perhaps, two chains is better, because the load / unload are two paths ?

Have a nice day.


I have 3 x B300, now i have received the AC500.
Yesterday, i have upgraded my system, (Remove AC300, Add AC500).
My new system work fine. First chain = 2 x B300 , second chain = 1 x B300.
But i have a little problem with the item: SILENT MODE

Fan and noise are identical to Silent Mode Enable or Disable. There are no differences (Speed Fan/Noise).
The AC500 triggers ventilation from time to time, with the fan running and making a lot of noise.
I thought that Silent Mode Enable allowed the fan to run continuously but at low speed, as on the AC300.

Any ideas?

Thanks for your help Deano

Hi Either should be fine but as you now have 2xP090D To P150D then two paths should also be acceptable.

I have my AC500 setup in a cupboard under the stairs so I do not turn on silent mode as its important for ventilation. My tests however have demonstrated that in silent mode the fans come on less often or at a higher ambient temperature. Note though they still will come on as a safety feature even in silent mode. If your AC500 + 3 X B300 is in a larger space and a well ventilated room then silent mode works well. However the only real benefit is noise reduction so if this is not an issue then I would tend to leave silent mode off.