AC500 vs AC300 : no 24V plug anymore?

While reviewing the specs, I just noticed AC500 now has a 12V outlet instead of a 24V one like AC300 has.

I must say it’s quite practical to have both:

  • I rely on the DC out of B300 for 12V appliances
  • AC300 has 24V for a specific use.

Not a big deal, but I’m just curious why this choice was made - @BLUETTI ?
Also, there still is this 12V RV plug. Anyone know what this plug is called, so I can find an adaptor? The term “aviator” is quite generic, so I’m looking for something specific.


I second that: 24V can be very useful in certain scenarios - half the Amps on the wire/connectors for the same power.
I would even go as far as appreciating a direct DC output from the Battery for separate DCDC converter.
@Bluetti: 24V output might be difficult to realize, if the Box is not equipped with it from the beginning, but enabling direct 46-50V DC battery output (trough the connection ports for additional batteries) might be possible to enable trough the firmware and maybe a specific cable-adapter?

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Where did you see that the 24v plug has been replaced by a 12v? Not seeing that on the “Shop on Bluetti” page, still shows 24v in the tech specs.

Isn’t the AC300/B300 system based on a 24V architecture? I was under the impression that the inclusion of a 24V output was to allow for efficient direct DC draw, minimizing conversion losses compared to 12V systems.

Indeed. I’ll check again from the pc using browser history as I was comparing them side by side to spot differences. The pages I see now (mobile) all show 24V. I know I didn’t dream… getting back to you asap with the url.

Both AC300 and AC500 have 24V/10A cigarette lighter port and 12V/30A RV port.
You can use the 12V RV port or the 12V cigarette lighter port of the battery pack to carry 12V devices.
12V RV port can also be called 12V super DC port.

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Splendid, thanks for the confirmation @BLUETTI - I think it’s then an issue with the French website:

It says AC500 has “Sortie DC” (DC output) in RV and cig lighter 12V.
@eric102 I didn’t dream, but it’s visibly an issue in the FR translated spec list…

So for fixing the typo, here’s the link :slight_smile:

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@Derceto Thanks for the heads up. I’ll feedback to the FR site sales staff.

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Wonderful, I see it’s fixed :slight_smile: