AC500 to run 12 V Mini Split Air Conditioner

Hello, Please Help Me!

I have a AC500 with two B300S expansion batteries. I have this installed in my van.
I have installed a 12 volt Mini Split Air Conditioner on my van.
I have a 12 Volt RV plug attached from the AC500 to the Mini Split Air Conditioner.

The specs for the Air Conditioner says it needs 12 Volt, 60-80 Amps, 960 Watts
When I turn on the Air Conditioner it causes a Alarm / Warning on the AC500 that says
089. DC12V 30A Output Current High. and the Air Conditioner shuts off.

I understand that the Air Conditioner power requirements - 12 Volt, 60-80 Amps, 960 Watts, exceed the 12 V / 30 Amp outlet. And that this outlet 12Volt, 30A, RV is rated overload 418W, 2s per the manual.

I have a single 12 volt 100 amp hour battery that will run the Air Conditioner for a limited amount of time.

I chose the AC500 system because I have limited electrical ability and knowledge.
I chose the 12 volt Mini Split Air Conditioner because people say it is 70% more efficient than a 110 AC unit.

Please tell me how can I run My 12 volt Mini Split Air Conditioner using the Bluetti AC500??

The AC500’s 12V30A port can’t carry such a large device.
If you have an AC charger for your 12V battery, you can use the AC port to charge the battery and then use the battery to carry your split air conditioner.

I have tried this in several configurations. My battery is a 12.8 volt 100 ah battery I purchased off Amazon. I have a small 120 volt AC charger for that battery. The charger auto detects that it is lithium and will charge it “slowly” to 13.4 volts. I have tried keeping the charger plugged into the AC500 , but it makes no difference. I think the battery charger is too small.
I was wondering if I could find a converter to plug into the 50 amp RV outlet on the Bluetti AC500 and convert the AC to DC?

Here’s one on Amazon with 100 amp dc output.


It should have the headroom you need for running an air conditioner, (because of the compressor cycling on/off drawing a surge current.) Wattage is 1440 watts, which the AC500 can handle from the regular 120V 20amp outlets.
I do have to wonder if it being a battery charger will interfere with running the A/C. You might want to consult with Powermax themselves about this. I remember something about needing a regular 12v battery in parallel with a battery charger output to make it work as a power supply for other things.

If you want to go higher than 100 amps, there’s some welding equipment with 120 amps dc out, but that’s not likely to work for this :laughing:

I just saw the Powermax video and it has a “Power Supply” mode, so that should run your air conditioner. They have lesser AMP output models with lower prices, but with airconditioners and refrigerators you have to allow for power surges when the compressor starts up, so make sure it can take the surge. The air conditioner might have the surge info in its documents.

It’s the same problem people have when buying a gasoline generator for blackouts. The power surge will overload the generator if it can’t handle the surge, so it disconnects.

Thanks St8kout. I am on the road but will order so I can receive when I am back home. I will make a video to show how it works. Thanks Sherrie

Ordered the converter it should arrive this week. I will do a video to let you know how it works.

I did purchase this power converter and connected it to the air conditioning unit. Unfortunately the unit did not produce cold air. After extensive trouble shooting with the manufacturer I am returning the air conditioner.
Thank you for all your help!