AC500 Split-Phase Charging

We are in the process of setting up two AC500 and four B300S in split-phase output mode and have a problem with charging. When not in split-phase mode, they charge perfectly off of our sine wave 14kwh generator. Both are sharing a 15A outlet for charging and are set to charge at a rate of 7A. All good so far.

With nothing connected to the inverter AC output outlets, we can configure one as a split-phase master and the other as a slave with the communication cable connected. We can enable AC output (again with no load yet) and it too seems to work fine. No alarms once they’ve started talking to each other.

However, when AC output is enabled and the inverters are plugged in for charging, alarms start.
024. Phase Integration Error
061. Multi Communication Error
063. Multi Synchronization Error

Alarms persist until we disable AC output and then revert to single phase mode. Only then will they start to charge again. Can this be resolved so the system can stay in split-phase AC output mode while charging as well?

@Tree May I ask if your outlet is 240v? Are you using our dual firewire charging cable?
The input of the dual fire wire should be 240v, not single phase
Please check again to confirm

Currently we are using the 120V power cords that came with each AC500 and charge via a 120V outlet. We do have the split-phase 50A cable on order. And, we have an electrician that will install the proper 240V outlet for it. Once that is in place, will this issue go away?