AC500 Solar Input (PV350 x6 ok?)

Getting ready to order my AC500 and trying not to screw this up! I note that the PV350 has a max voltage output of 37.5V, so six of them in series would be a max of 225V. I note that the AC500 has a max solar input of 150V. Is that correct? (I think so…) Is that a problem (I think so…)

Why there isn’t more than one solar input port on the AC500?

Can I help this situation by connecting a PV350 directly to each of the two B300S batteries I am planning to buy?

Bonus question: How one can possibly get the 3,000W max input while not exceeding the 150V? (Since six PV350s exceed the 150V while producing 1400W…)

Hi @StanWithThePlan

You can’t go higher than 150V per string. But you could connect 3x PV350 to DC1 and 3x PV350 to DC2. There should be a cable that have 2 + and 2 - MC4 plugs.