AC500 solar charging question and setup help from a newbie

We purchased the AC500 + 1 batt about 3 months ago for our off grid cabin we are building in Idaho, have not set it up yet as the weather is keeping us away from the property, we all ready have solar a system set up in the 5th wheel plus a 10K genny as back up on the property now. since the solar inputs on the AC 500 are 1500 W, 150 V on each DC1 and DC2 i have configured my charging set up as follows. DC1…SIX Renogy 100W, 24.3 V, 5.21 A = 600W, 145.8 V, 5.21 A in series… DC2…FOUR used SanTan 250W, 37.6 V, 8.85 A = 1000W, 150.4 V, 8.85 A…BS300S batt…ONE used SanTan 250W, 37.6 V, 8.85A…my question do you think im too close on the voltage with the Renogy and the used SanTan panels…i know im right at the max with the SanTan but being used i assume i will not get the max output…or should i not assume??? all advice is appreciated. …Thanks Jeff