AC500 Shut Down - High Voltage error

How is it possible to get an error message that says 'Voltage too high" when the Voltage of the attached panels is only: 80V (DC1) + 46V (DC2)

I received several of those messages in a few months and it shuts down the system.

@DutchPower This can be solved by a firmware update. What is your region and what is the AC500 SN code?
I can have a technical engineer push an update to you

Thank you for your reaction.
I’m in Holland, Europe
My serial number is: 2232000159942

I just did a firmware upgrade. Current versions now:
loT v9041.03
ARM v4048.02
DSP v4047.03
BMS v1022.08

@DutchPower OK, is it still working properly after the update?
We recommend that you load with the device and discharge it to see if it still reports errors.

No, it just gave the same error message:
004. Battery Voltage High - Hardware

Still getting the same error message.

Error message and shutdown happen when the battery is almost 100% full.
I hope Bluetti can come up with a solution.

Try to do a complete cycle on the unit and see if you still get that error code. Put a constant load on it and run it until the unit shuts off the output and turns off. Wait 10-15 minutes and then try re-charging it to 100% with no loads attached and all outputs turned off. Hope this helps. @DutchPower

Thanks. Will try your suggestion.

Did not work. Drained the battery completely to zero.
Recharched (with the solar panels) it to 100%. Still getting the same error message.

@DutchPower Strange. So when does that 004 battery voltage high alarm start happening? Does it appear when you charge to 100% with AC wall power too? And are you able to “clear” it at all??

Like I said, I charged the battery with my solar panels (see attachment) They are very modest.
I did not charge with the AC. wall power.

The strange thing is, a few hours ago, the battery was charged around 60%. The solar panels delivered not more than 100W. When I looked a few hours later, the battery was suddenly 100%, with the error message.
It was impossible to load to 100% in that time frame.

The system is pretty messed up. Same error message again. Display says 70% full. Two minutes later the battery is 100% full.

Hi @DutchPower - This is a known issue and the error has nothing to do with your solar panel(s). The error message is telling you that this a battery issue.

What is happening is that the AC500 is allowing the battery to be over-charged… which means that the battery cells voltage has exceeded allow limits and the error you are getting is activated. This error is apart of a automation that protects the battery, by stopping the battery from being charged/used until the internal voltage of the battery drops below allowed thresholds.

Please see:

Please confirm that you’ve upgraded your BMS firmware to version 1022.09 or later.