AC500 Shut Down - AC inverter with codes 004 (Battery Voltage High hardware) and 098 (BMS Over voltage)

Hello Bluettipower,

I have been using my new AC500 & B300s for the last few weeks without fault.

Yesterday whilst charging from the 230v grid connection the AC500 set of an alarm for code 004 & 098 AND this occurred at the exact moment the Bluetti reached full charge (100%). This has NOT occurred before. At the time I was using the Bluetti in standard UPS form.

Today I again charged the Bluetti from the grid and watched as it completed it charging cycle and again it Triggered its alarm and closed off the inverter ‘AC Off’ and displayed error code 004 & 098.

The Bluetti states Code 004 is Battery Voltage High hardware & Code 098 is BMS Over Voltage.

At the time of this occurring today I was monitoring the voltage when it occurred and it was 232.1volts. As stated earlier, I have been using the system in this configuration without fault for a couple of weeks and don’t understand why this has started.

My Serial Number is:
DSP Version: 4047.03
ARM Version: 4048.02
HMI Version: 6052.04

After reading other messages on the forum with other people with the same problem, I have contacted you here for help. I look forward to hearing from you, Thankyou so much.

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@R2D2 Thanks for providing the SN code.
I am very sorry for the inconvenience. Yes your situation can be solved by a firmware update. You are expected to receive a push notification of the firmware update within 12 hours.
Please keep an eye on the app and keep it updated at that time, thank you!

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Thankyou for your quick reply, it’s much appreciated.

I will standby for the push notification, Thankyou very much !

@R2D2 firmware engineers have pushed the update to your machine. :)

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Hello Bluetti,

Thankyou to all of you for helping me so quickly, it’s much appreciated.

I completed the update & charged via 230V agsin & there was no further alarm. So far so good :blush:

Could you thank the engineers and for me please :+1:

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I have the same problem, can you please resolve

Sn 2244000003966
DSP 4073.03
Arm 4048.02
HMI 6052.04

@John62 Noted and SN code received.
Engineer has pushed the new firmware to your AC500. Please go to BLUETTI app for updates. Thank you

I have performed the update but I’m still having the same issue. Does it need to be rebooted?

@John62 Yes. Restart the machine and try to see if it still reports error

I have restarted and still having issues. I noticed the batteries had an upgrade option but once I upgraded the inverter the option disappeared. Can the engineer please check and advise

@John62 After confirming with the engineer, there is no record of your upgrade in the background.
Please go to upgrade the BMS firmware.

Thank you. All good now.

Hi Bluetti,
My AC500 with 2 B300s
I have the same problem, can you please resolve

Sn 2242000950520
DSP 4047.03
Arm 4048.02
HMI 6052.04
BMS 1022.08
BMS 1022.08