AC500 Only Reading One of the Two B300s Batteries

My AC500 is only reading one of my 2 B300s batteries. I have two B300s which have my AC500 has identified as Battery Pack 2 and 3. Now only Pack 2 shows on the AC500 screen. What should I do?

Same equipment, but mine says 1 and 2, not 2 and 3.
Sometimes the app takes several seconds to show the latest info. Just now Battery pack 1 was greyed out at first, but it eventually showed up after maybe 15 seconds.

Thanks for your response. I wonder why my batteries are displayed as 2 and 3 and not 1 and 2. Can someone from Bluetti tell me if this is a problem or not? My #2 battery pack is greyed out at first also, and it appears after a few seconds, but #3 never appeared.

I ended up doing some trouble shooting and changed out the cables to see if that was the problem. When hooking everything back both batteries appeared on the screen. I would appreciate if someone from Bluetti could respond to this. What is the problem with this happening in the first place? Thanks.

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@SureHope As per the issue you have stated, it appears that the AC500 is only recognizing one of the two B300s batteries. This could be happening due to a communication problem between the device and the batteries. Additionally, your batteries are displaying as 2 and 3 instead of 1 and 2 because the battery pack numbers are predetermined by the manufacturer. If two identical numbered battery packs are connected, the device will automatically reassign the numbers.

Thanks for your reply. I tried trouble shooting by switching cables from the AC500 to the batteries. In doing that the AC500 now recognizes both batteries. So it appears that disconnecting and reconnecting reestablished communication. What would cause this problem?

Offhand my guess is not all 3 connectors in the cable were making contact. They have to be fully inserted before you can push the lock button forward.
One of my battery cables (I have 3) is not a perfect fit, and it was a real struggle to get it all the way in before the latch would click. The other cables were no problem at all, and slipped right in. I was about to ask Bluetti if I could lubricate around the side edges with liquid soap or maybe even car wax (away from the electric terminals of course.) :astonished: :exploding_head:

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Maybe some dielectric grease?

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Thanks for your reply. The issue occured after it working normally for a few months. All connections were locked.
That’s what struck me as odd, but after disconecting and reconnecting it works fine again.