AC500 not powering up

So I just received the new AC500 and B300s’. I’ve hooked them up as per the instructions. I also started the B300s’ and they powered up, but the AC500 did not. Does anyone know what might be wrong?

Thanks in advance

Hi @MasterJedi , Can you check the connection cable, is it not locked tight? Need to be locked.

Cables are locked tight and was able to engage the locks. When I power on the B300s’ the AC500 doesnt come on nor does it turn on when I push the power button on the AC500. But I am able to press and hold the power button on the AC500 and turn off the B300s’.

Mine did that the first time I tried to use it with a single battery. So I turned it off and switched the cable from batt 1 to batt 2 and it started up and worked fine. So for kicks I turned it off again and moved the cable back to batt 1 and it now works on that input as well, weird.

I wonder if was actually working but the screen was just asleep? I didn’t think to touch it to wake it up on that first try.

Hi @MasterJedi This is noted.
Can you try to connect with another communication port and see if it works?

I have this same exact issue. I’ll give this “hack” a try to see if it works and will report back.

I just tried this hack and it worked. Both B300S units are now charging. At first only the one could be seen by the AC500. After disconnecting and reconnecting the 2nd unit a few times and doing a factory reset the 2nd B300S came online and is now charging.

Excellent, great news!

Ill try this solution when i get off work. Note, my B300s’ were charged. I did try to tap the screen to wake it up, if that actually is a thing. The power button wasn’t even lighting up. I’ll of course update when i try this and hopefully wont have to call customer service.

So initially the switch to bat 02 worked. Then i turned them off and tried bat01 hoping it reset it, but i didnt work. Now bat 02 isnt working. Ives swapped cables and tried both B300s’. This is very frustrating…

Finally worked, plugging it in to charge and into bat02 worked. Are all Bluetti products this finicky? Hopefully there wont be anymore issues from here on out. Thanks to all who helped and the Admin for responding to my issue. Glad this helped another person as well.

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I had this exact same problem with my AC 500. I had it hooked up and running fine for months but I had to take it apart to move it and then when I plugged everything back in exactly the same the battery would power up but the AC 500 was dead. Switched the cable from battery port one to two and it worked. So yes now I’m worried that something went wrong with port one and if it happens again I’m screwed.