AC500 & Multiple B300S Charging

Hi all. I have purchased a AC500 and 2 B300S, I am thinking of adding another 2 B300S so that I have 4 in total. I would like to know how the recharging of these actually happen.

If I have Solar connected to the AC500 and 2 B300S connected to the AC500, does the AC500 split the charging load evenly across both B300S, or is the first B300S charged to maximum, then the second B300S starts charging?

What if I decide to have a direct Solar input into a B300S as well as the main solar array into the AC500?

I am planning out how to build out the solar arrays once all this new kit arrives. Thanks in advance.

Hi @casw1000 , B300S is the same charge and discharge. When charging, the charging power to the low SOC battery is divided more, and the charging power to the high SOC battery is divided less.
Sorry, I don’t quite understand what you mean by “What if I decide to have a direct Solar input into a B300S as well as the main solar array into the AC500?”
Do you mean to charge AC500 and B300S separately?

Thanks for your reply.

What I was trying to explain is that, I understand the B300S can take a direct input of Solar, whilst still being connected to the central AC500.

So based on your first reply, I would think that the AC500 would charge up the lowest battery with more priority. Thanks for your information, it was helpful.

So what happens when all batteries are fully charged, does the inverter stop charging all batteries?

Hi Colin, Yes, the PV will stop charging when the battery level reaches 100%. :blush:

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Thanks a lot. Looking forward to receiving this new kit and my first ever investment into Solar. Very excited. I will be here quite a lot i feel :slight_smile:

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I have the same question - are you able to have PV charging to both the AC500 and the B300(s) at the same time?

I’m trying to maximize the amount of power that can be pulled in from solar so planning to have several panels connected directly to AC500 but also seems can connect single 400W panel directly to each B300(s) at same time.

Does this work?

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