AC500 killed my security cameras with USB overvoltage

I plugged two of my Wyze v3 cameras into the two left USB ports on my AC500 as a test when I first got it. They have had been running fine for quite some time, but then I noticed that they no longer showed up on my Wyze app. I tried plugging the cameras in to a different USB cable and wall adapter, but they still don’t work. I used a USB voltage tester on the ports on the AC500 and discovered that they put out 5.7 volts, which is out of the USB spec. The right two ports put out exactly 5.0 volts, even under load.

Has anyone else run into this problem? Between this and the inverter shutting down randomly, I’m losing faith in the AC500!

Hi @ybkpk , Really sorry for inconvenience.
Do you have a multimeter, please? If so, can you use a multimeter to measure the voltage of the USB port of the AC500 and take a photo picture for us to see?

I measured the 5.7 volts with a USB voltage/current tester like this one. I’m away on holiday, but will update this with a picture when I get back.

Thank you for your reply. Which USB port in the diagram measured 5.7V and how many volts did the other USB ports measure please?

The ports with the problem are 4 in that diagram. The ports labeled 5 have 5.00 volts, even under load.

(I am on holiday and typing this from memory. When I get back on Sunday I can take pictures and post them.)

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So I got home and went to take a picture using the USB tester. It now shows 5.22V on the left-hand USB ports (number 4 in the diagram). I definitely remember seeing a higher voltage before when I had the camera plugged in there, but I suppose it could be that the cameras had a fault and caused the problem, not the Bluetti. The reason I assumed Bluetti was because I had the cameras plugged into a wall charger without problem for 1+ years and they only had problems after plugging into the AC500.

The right-hand ports (diagram number 5) show 5.00V on the dot: