AC500 keeps failing with same errors

Been experiencing a lot of the same errors over the past few weeks of owning the AC500 with one B300S. Power input is fine, but AC output, with no DC output, fails consistently at around the same times once per day. Output goes to a total of one fridge and water dispenser on one output and an internet modem on the other. Works fine 99% of the day.

Any idea @BLUETTI ? Are there firmware updates on the way? Anyone else with these issues?

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Hi @GRAW , We are very sorry for the inconvenience. Could you please tell us the SN code of your machine? Is it low voltage 110V or high voltage 230V?
We can have our engineers update the firmware for you.

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@BLUETTI My serial number is 2239001182375. Also I am using conventional 110V power.

Thank you for the confirmation. However, we are still on holiday at the moment. The engineers will not be able to update the firmware for you until a weekday, so please wait about 48 hours. Thanks again for your support and cooperation!

@BLUETTI Is there any way to update the unit myself without having to wait?

I’m very sorry, as this firmware needs to be pushed to the machine by the engineer in the background. So it can only be updated manually. Did you get the update notification now please?

I just checked and see nothing; can you send it again or tell me the version to look for?

@BLUETTI I am ready and waiting for any update now

After confirming with the engineer, they said they have pushed the firmware update to you. Can you please click the app to check it?

@BLUETTI After opening the app I see nothing different, checking the AC500 I see no notification on the screen.

Hi @GRAW , Can you try to unbind the machine, log in and try binding again please?

@BLUETTI I unbound my machine from my email, re-bound using Bluetooth, and then re-connected the AC500 via WiFi with no change, no update.

I am very sorry for the inconvenience, please allow me a little time to check with the technical engineers again.

Hi @GRAW , Could you please refer to the following steps and try again? Thank you!