AC500 is now on sale

Bluetti is presently selling the new AC500 which allows up to 5 kW at 120 VAC and the new B300S battery which supplies 3 kWh, but this new setup allows connecting six batterirs for up to 9 kWh per AC500 and up to 18 kWh in split phase mode of 5kW at 240 VAC.
Here is the direct Bluetti page link:

And here is the direct YouTube link about the touch screen:

Watch at 0:37 for the six battery display and at 3:54 for the latest firmware numbers.

I learned about the AC500 from Mike the after-sales engineer from Maxoak.

these marketing pages have been up for a while but do not include a buy link.
the product was supposed to be available soon on Indiegogo.

is there a link to their actual buy page yet? (and what is the delivery date)

update: i found a signup link at AC500 & B300S - Home Backup Power Station | Indiegogo but no purchase link.

And no new fusion… so you’re still stuck at 25 amps out to a transfer switch… unless you use your own y-adapter :slight_smile:

It will be probably offered soon. The only engineering needed is to replace the male TT-30 plugs for the TT-50 and the female L14-30 with the 50 A equivalent. The face plate will be changed and the insides will be moved due to the larger connectors and cables. But on the general looks, it will not change much.

It won’t be offered anytime soon. I’ve already checked and they said as of now it’s not something they’ll be offering. However it does have a standard 50A RV receptacle… even though it looks like a 240v outlet, I would be it’s only powering one plug at 120v… therefore like my pervious comment we can make a y-adapter to connect the two 50 amp outlets together and create our own 240 inlet for the transfer switch.

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Remember that you can only produce true 240 VAC power if the two 120 VAC lines are sychronized at 180 degrees of opposite phase. If not, the output voltage will not be 240 VAC, but lesser. So you still need the communications cable between the two AC500 units, setup as split phase, and setting one as Master and the other as Slave.

The Fusion Box has a special logic board to indicate if the two lines are synchonized and at opposite phases. Someone might be able to reverse engineer it.

Can we trade in our current AC300 (with issues) for these? :slight_smile:
Probably would still have issues. :frowning:

My question is: when is customer service coming? Hesitant to buy more until calls and messages answered. When ignored, I tend to ask questions like this.

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Interesting at almost the end of the page is the new B300-S battery, now includes a heating element for cold climates.

Unfortunately pre-orders start at sept 1st, meaning 1st real deliveries for the US market maybe by the end of 2023? Europe at least 4-6 months later so somewhere mid 2023…

Meaning NOT coming soon…

2022 or 23 for US? 2023 or 24 for Europe?

For me the heating element is useless, but the good part is tbe software that can read, charge and discharge six batteries per AC500 unit. We have to wait until someone can analyze and reverse engineer the code and add a patch to the AC300 to manage more than four B300 batteries. Sixteen may be the practical limit.

And maybe someone can decipher the AC300 to B300 communications protocol, so you can add a third party or home made LFP battery to the AC300. The B300 uses sixteen cells in series for 51.2 VDC at 60 Ah.

Hacking into the software would be interesting but not so simple. You need access to some kind of interface, meaning opening up the AC300 and finding such an interface.

A process not realy for the faint harted… :wink:

Where there is a will (desire) they is a way (action). The curious will find the interface or the code as the warranty expires, but the risk takers will try sooner. Finding how to add more B300 in parallel may be a big motivation point, but adding a third party or your own group of LFP cells may motive many, such as myself. If I find something, I will post it here.

:+1: I will be waiting…