Ac500 indiegogo purchased but no confirmation email?

I didnt get any confirmation email and also it will not let me login on indiegogo now or send me the password reset?? i see i have been billed though already?

what to do now?

how to contact indiegogo or the bluetti team to make sure my order went through okay?

Hi @newuser , please kindly no worries.
The crowdfunding campaign is in full swing and the confirmation email may be sent late. Did you receive it now, please? If not, you can contact our crowdfunding department at and they will check for you.
Thank you for your great support!

I bought the
Ac500+ 1 battery
I bought 4 more batteries, one at a time.
I received confirmation emails on all 5 transactions. But each one took up to24 hours!

Hi @Mendojen , We are very sorry for the inconvenience. Our crowdfunding team is currently negotiating with Indiegogo official. This issue will be resolved soon.
Thanks again for your great support on this AC500+B300S launched funding on Indiegogo. :heart_hands:

I have recently all 5 receipts!