AC500 high power consumption when no device plugged in

Dear all,

Additionally to my to AC200Max I got a AC500 some days ago.

Today, there was shown a consumption of about 110-130W, even there is no device plugged into the AC500. When I turn off AC then it goes down to zero.

Anybody faced the same issue?

I’d appreciate your help
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While there is always some consumption just being “ON,” it shouldn’t be that much. Is “DC” turned off?
Are the internal fans running?

Even when both, AC and DC are turned off, the machine shows more then 100W consumption for AC output.

Fans are off at this time, also no cold condition (no battery warning for the B300S).

Therefore, I have have also no idea why it is that high.

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Is the main display showing the watts used or are you calculating that some other way?

It was given on the display.
When it was more than 100W, the battery level was 100%.

Now it turned back to about 50W.

However, I have no idea why.

I’ve been following this out of curiosity, but wanted to ask about something that seems contradictory. In your original post, you stated that when you turn AC off the phantom power consumption “goes down to zero.” In your second post, you stated when “AC and DC are turned off, the machine shows more then 100W” AC output. I’m confused about the statments appearing to say that power goes to zero and also shows 100+W under the same condition of the AC being turned off. Typo?

Sorry for the confusion.

When AC is turned off the consumption for AC shown on the screen is 0W.

However, when I turn on it is usually about 50W. I guess that is the consumption of the inverter itself.

But with same condition (AC turned on, but also no device connected to the AC500) I have also seen about more than 100W.

I have no idea why… Because nothing is connected.

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Thanks for the clarification; I was just confused. I saw a chart recently that somebody posted which showed some tests (supposedly tested in BLUETTI Lab) with AC500 idle power consumption: 27.4W w/ only AC On, 31.1W w/ both AC & DC On, 12.6W w/ Power On, AC & DC Off. My AC500 doesn’t show any load when on & nothing connected, and even with a load, won’t register anything until the load exceeds about 50W - BLUETTI said this was normal.

I plugged a 100W incandescent bulb into an outlet and it showed 102W. After running it for about 8 hours, the decrease in SOC on the AC500/B300s system did seem to correlate with a power draw of around 130W continuous (light bulb plus inverter consumption). Have you run yours long enough to verify that the power consumption you see on the display matches the rate at which you’d expect your battery’s SOC to decrease? IOW, is it a real current draw from the batteries, or is it a phantom number that only appears on the display?

@ChrisKu Maybe you can try restoring the factory setting? Then turn off it and turn it on again after 1 hour.