AC500 grid power is not turning on when SOC LOW is crossed.

The grid power should turn on when the battery charge goes below SOC LOW. The panel shows the AC grid voltage is connected but no power is used even though the condition to trigger grid power has been met.

@bluetti_geraldwbradshawgmailcom did you set up PV priority mode? Please confirm that the Grid is powered and the voltage is stable, and then try setting the work mode again.

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I have a completely different problem.
I have PV mode turned on with SOC 80%.
About 400W comes from PV.
Nevertheless, charging continues via the AC mains input, even if the battery charge is already at 85%.
Why doesn’t the mains input switch to zero?

If set at 80% grid will charge up to 90% then turn off until it goes back down to 80% and then repeat, at least that’s what my AC500 does. Seems like there’s a 10% buffer above what ever the percentage is set at.

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Yes, I observed the same behavior (that @Akel reported) on my AC300, which was confirmed by Bluetti technical support. Once the battery drops to the specified low SOC level, grid input power will power the AC output load (and continue to power the AC output load) until PV input charges the battery to 10% above the low SOC level (I have my unit set to PV priority mode).

I have not observed the issue reported by @bluetti_geraldwbradshawgmailcom. Once low SOC level is reached, grid input power is used to power the AC output load. If the AC output load is low enough to register as zero, then the displayed grid input power will also be zero.

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Between 80 and 90% of the solar energy of 400W is lost or the batteries are charged with it in addition to the electricity from the grid.
I saw that the energy fed in from the grid is about 10W higher than the AC consumption…even though there are 400W of PV at the input.

While the unit is charging from low SOC level to 10% higher, grid power will be used to power the AC output load, and PV input power will be used only to charge the battery. This is true even if the PV input power is greater than the AC output load. Personally, I would prefer having the PV input power first be used to power the AC output load (and extra leftover PC input power be used to charge the battery) during this 10% window. I just sent email to Bluetti technical support suggesting this change (but if more people ask for it, maybe they’ll be more likely to implement the change).

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Maybe Bluetti will read along here and pass on your good suggestion.
However, I don’t believe that, because Bluetti just wants to sell your devices without any further expenses.

@bluetti_geraldwbradshawgmailcom Is there any update about the problem?

please respond to terryl’s issue.