AC500 Firmware: DSP Update disappeared

i was an IOT + an DSP Firmware Update offered and startet the IOT Update.
After that the DSP Update was not offered anymore.
Please push DSP Update to S/N 241000084770.

Here’s the Info before IOT Update:

@OpaleTrotzig Please provide me with the correct SN. You can check the information as below:

Sorry, one “2” got lost in the beginning of the S/N:

@OpaleTrotzig We pushed a DSP firmware 4047.06, please try to update it.

I clicked on Bluetooth, then selected the AC500 and then entered the settings menu, but unfortunately there is no Firmware Update Prompt:

I did not know that there are two different ways to connect via Bluetooth to the device and that depending on the way there is an Firmware update Menu or not.
If I use the way via clicking on Bluetooth on the main menu then there is NO firmware update in the Settings Menu.

But if I change from cloud to Bluetooth via the icon (three dots) beside the AC500 Logo, then the Firmware Update is in the settings Menu.

Very confusing but I was able to update DSP and BMS to the current version.

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Please push the DSP update also to my AC500.
The SN is 2241000496080
Thanks, Southside

@southside Only after the device is bound through Bluetooth connection, there is a firmware upgrade option.

@southside Hi, do you mean DSP firmware 4047.06? As I know, this firmware was pushed to all machines. Please check if there is a new firmware. If not, please let me know and I will check more details.

My AC500 has DSP version 4047.06
So if this is the newest version, no action is needed. I thought there is a New version 4057.04 as shown in your picture above.

@southside The firmware version will vary depending on the US and European regulations.
There is a DSP firmware 4047.07. It is used to fix the bugs of 012 erroe code. If there is no problem with the display of the AC500, 4047.06 is the latest firmware.

I have the European Version and no problem with the display. Thanks for the information

@southside I’m glad to help you.