AC500 fails with 012 BUS Voltage High error

Thanks for the info. I’ll do this the next time it happens.

Refund received yesterday evening, 13 days after the returned product was received.

Looking more closely at the emails, it appears the PayPal dispute is what actually prompted the refund.

From PayPal:
“Case closed in your favor
We reviewed the case you filed on December 28, 2022 and have decided in your favor.”

From Bluetti:
“Sorry for the late reply and sorry to keep you waiting.
I have already given you a full refund. Please check.”

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Good to hear. I also used PayPal. Had 5 of these error messages this morning, in the midst of a power failure.


From reading your Posts, I will wait before replacing my AC300 with an AC500 which is not yet reliable.
Thank you for your feedback.
My AC300 is working fine, no errors or failures.

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My system is currently non functional, and it has been impossible to contact technical support. I am in the process of returning it all. There are apparently many people who are doing fine. It may be that Bluetti can not find enough employees. If it was me, I would probably sit tight.

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