AC500 expansion


I live in Europe and have a setup of 3 AC 500 units. Meaning I have aprox 5000W per unit.
In my remote cabinne I have now 3 electrical circuits , each connected to 1 AC500.
Can I combine this units so I have a total of 15000W , wich would make it much easier to manage ?

The AC500 does not have a built-in battery and cannot be used on its own, it must be equipped with the B300S battery pack for normal use.
Have you purchased the B300S battery pack?

Yes Each AC 500 is connected with 2 B300S battery packs.

It’s well noted.
But the AC500 can’t be triple-connected to output 15,000W as you’re thinking, it can only output 5,000W on its own.(The North American version allows two AC500s to form a dual firewire, but the European version can only be used as a single unit.)

Somewhat related to the OP the AC300 European model and I guess the AC500 have this Communication Interface (14) next to the Solar input and AC input. Is this the port that the USA version uses to communicate between multiple units? Is this port disabled on the UK version or does it have some other use?