Ac500 e parallel mode massima potenza

Salve vorrei avere info riguardo al massimale.di pannelli solare ac500, per sfruttarlo tranquillita’, mettendo 9 pannelli da 505w longi in parallel.mode e sicuro.o ci sono altri metodi?

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Geht’s auch in englisch?

Hi, I would like to have information regarding the maximum number of solar panels that can be installed on the AC500, to make the most of it but in peace, by placing 9 505W panels in parallel mode and safely. Or are there other methods?
Thank you

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have a look on the tech spec of your AC500 → Solar Input: 3.000W Max., VOC 12-150VDC, 15A
And also look at the tech spec of your panels → VOC = ???

You d’like to connect 9x 505W panels, right?
If the VOC from one single panel is under 50V you can connect 3 panels in parallel, resulting in three fields with 3 panels in parallel each.
these three fields can then be connected in series. This gives you a 3x3 field (3p3s or 3s3p)

Is it possible to have a pattern?

all panels on 2 strings right?
Thank you

There are two main inputs for the AC500, at 1500 watts each for a total of 3000 watts. Max voltage is 150 Voc for each input. DO NOT EXCEED THIS MAX VOLTAGE for each input. You’ll find that real world panel wattage is always less than the rating. A 100 watt panel will give you around 80 watts on a good day. I had to wire up 18 100 watt panels to get close to 1500 watts for one input, to stay under the 150 Volt VOC. It’s called overpaneling, 3 strings of 6 panels in each string.
In addition, you can also input solar panels directly into each B300s battery, using the provided cable adapter that came with the battery. The PV input spec is 12-60 volts, but it will only use up to 10 amps max. Total is 500 Watts input. You can go over the 10 amps but NOT over the 60 VOC limit.
In each case, VOLTAGE is the most important limiting spec. You can over-panel watts and amps, but NOT Voltage. Inputs must stay under the max voltage, Voc.