AC500 display not working

I just received two Bluetti AC500s and four B200S batteries through the Indiegogo campaigns. Since I haven’t received my solar panels yet, I decided to use my household current to charge up the batteries with my AC adapter. Both batteries power buttons turned on (green), and were apparently charging but the display screens on both AC500s do not turn on, and the power button does not turn green, although the button can be held down and will power off the batteries.
Are these displays faulty or am I missing something? I’ve seen about every YouTube video and haven’t seen mention of this.

Sounds like the the battery cables are not connected/locked properly. The cables have micro switches in the locks so if they aren’t fully locked nothing will work.

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Thanks! I rechecked the cable connections and 1 out of 4 wasn’t locked. As soon as I locked it, the display lit up.


Thanks to Eric’s helpful advice. Hi @Bond0 , the AC500 display is now working properly, right?

Yes indeed!They are both working now. Can’t wait to get my solar panels. BTW how do I register my products, obtained through Indiegogo campaigns? I can give you my Indiegogo contribution numbers.