ac500 discharges

My AC500 battery discharges 10% a day even if nothing is connected to it, why?

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Have you fully upgraded your AC500? I would do this first if you havent yet, and then perform a complete “cycle” on the unit to fully calibrate the SOC and BMS in the unit. Then, we need a little more details about your setup… How many batteries do you have attached to your head ac500 unit?

There is always going to be some parasitic draws on these units when they are powered “on”. Whether there is loads attached and outputs turned “on” or not. Wifi/Bluetooth, Inverter losses, there are alot of components to this system, which is what makes it soo impressive, haha but I agree that 10% might be a little high tho, so I would do the update, and complete cycles, and then see what happens.

Let us know how things go and if we can help further.

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Grazie, provvedo a fare gli aggiornamenti, io attualmente ho una b300s.a presto!

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I have updated the bms sw, for the alarm 004, I am continuing to monitor the ac500 but it continues to lose charge about 10% per day with nothing connected and for no reason, why?

@Teomet have you done a complete “cycle” on the unit at all yet by chance?? This calibrates the internal BMS. Also… do you have your outputs turned “on”? Even with no loads attached, if the output of the ac500 is “on” there will be overhead losses due to its massive inverter and internal tech.

@m.briney yes, I have completed a complete cycle, I have not activated any output (ac-dc) only the power plug connected to the mains without any user connected,in 10 hours it was discharged by 8%, in 24 hours it also discharged by 15%, I don’t understand where it draws this current…

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@Teomet That sounds about right to be honest. The internal components of this beast of a machine due consume power, even at “idle”. All units will have losses just being in a standby mode, but the higher the inverter size and more features available with the unit, means that there will be a higher draw. Heres a little pic of my results when initially testing the ac500… which shows to be on par with your findings…

Also… heres a video that one of our very helpful friend Jeff Hagen did on the unit that goes in depth on everything. Absolutely recoomend checking it out when you get some time…

So what it comes down to, is youre going to want to either turn off your units completely when not being used, or have either solar or wall charging available during times “not in use” to supplement some of those idle losses.

Thanks, I’m calm now! Excellent answer!

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