AC500 dc12v/30a output short circuit

Brand new unit. upgrade firmware/ software and charged it to 100%, Turned on DC output and get this error: “092 dc12v/30a output short circuit” and am unable to use the DC circuit. AC output works fine. Anyone know why this may be? The app shows a different error: “DC output fault A027”.

Do you have anything attached to the 12V 30 amp outlet?

Originally no but then put the cell phone on the top of the inverter for wireless charging. Still errored out. Then tried connecting a charging cable via usb-c port and still get error. Stopped and sent service ticket to Bluetti and posted here. Haven’t tried since as I don’t want to damage anything. AC works fine. Tried it on a small appliance first then connected it to my motorhome and it ran everything as expected. Appreciate any insight. :blush:

@JasonM If the error occurs when the DC is turned on, or when any load is applied, please contact the after-sale support for repair.

I did on Friday and am waiting on a response.

UPDATE: Bluetti asked me to send the AC500 back for a full replacement. Appreciate their quick response and action. I am confident the new unit will work just fine.

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@JasonM Thanks for your update.

Last update for this feed… New unit worked as expected. Great service from the Bluetti team.