AC500 DC1 & DC2 Different Panels for Each?

Is it possible to use one type of panel in DC1 and another type in DC2? I’ve ordered 2 PV400 panels and would like to use the DC1 input with them. I would also like to purchase some rigid panels and input them in DC2. Is this a possible set up for the AC500?

I have the AC300 and the PV inputs should be similar. So, yes, you can use different panels on each DC input as long as the voltage does not exceed the 150 V limit. The MPPT on each port will limit the current to 12 A or less.

Thanks for your response Raymondjram. I thought that might be the case, but wanted to be confident.

Hi @SureHope , The DC1 and DC2 ports can be connected to different solar panels, as long as the solar panel VOC is within range.

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