AC500, can have both B300s and B300?

Just found a second hand B300 and need to know:

  • Can I connect my AC500 to a B300s and a B300 together?
  • I need an adapter wire, must I plug that into the AC500, or can it be daisy chained in the B300s too?
  • Will this limit the max wattage of my AC500?


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  1. AC500 can mix and match B300 and B300S.
  2. To connect the B300 to the AC500, you need an extra P150D to P090D cable.
  3. AC500+1* B300, max charging power is 3000W
    AC500+2* B300, the max charging power is 5000W.

Interesting. In order to reach 5000W with 2* B300, do you need 2* P150D to P090D ? Or is 1 enough as in the following ASCII diagram shows, connecting the B300 with their default cable?

[AC500] === (P150D to P090D) === [B300] === (basic P90D cable) === [B300]

Right. You’re wired the right way. One P150D to P090D cable is fine.

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Interesting. Especially since it seems that the self-heating feature is only available when the battery is connected to a grid, correct? Grid, or simply put, an AC source.

Only the B300S has automatic heating, B300 does not.

Sorry, I took a shortcut in my phrasing; I meant, since B300S needs to be connected to an AC source to benefit from its self-heating feature, it makes B300 more attractive in my case since I don’t have an AC source where I plan to install the AC500… so for a lower price tag, adding a B300 seems like a better option.

That’s been my thinking as well. My AC500 came with a B300S and since then I’ve added two B300’s. The only downside is if I wanted more than four batteries it wouldn’t work.

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The self-heating function of B300S can be activated by AC or PV charging. :grinning:

Thanks, good to know. PV charging from either AC500 or B500, or only one of them?

Self-heating function can be activated by charging the B300S with PV, without the need for an additional AC500 connection.

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Excellent, this makes a huge difference :+1: