AC500 + B300S: Which is the best SOC range for long lasting batteries?


I’m a newbie with the AC500 / B300S (4x) and just finished
a complete discharge / charge cycle for each batterie in the hope
this will do the calibration. (There were great differences between
the batteries.)

My question now is which is the best SOC range for long lasting batteries.
Not to allow discharging to 0% (but perhaps 10%?) and charging not more than perhaps 90%?
What do you say?


Hi @digait

generally speaking, the optimal SoC for batterys are between 20% - 80%.

Im using my batterys in 10% - 90%, sometimes 100% when energy is consumed shortly after full charge.


Thank you, ok, or 20-80% or 10-90%.

At the moment, as the pv modules for this powerstation are not installed yet,
I’m charging from grid - only during DAY time, because I have another
pv system ON-grid.

Therefore, I have chosen 80-80%.

Three days ago I balanced all four batteries B300S (up to 100%, down to 0%, up to 100%,
each separately).
Now after three days, this morning the SOC is: 45%, 45%, 90%, 93%.
Yesterday evening, charging finished: ca. 60%, 60%, 100%, 100%.

No chance to get balanced charging and discharging? :frowning_face: :thinking: