AC500 (B300s) discharging when nothing is connected

Why is my AC output showing a load of 33W (and thus discharging) when there is nothing plugged into the unit??

@rattzmt The machine will have no-load power consumption.
AC500 has a lower no-load power consumption compared to AC300, detailed data can be found in the chart below.
Plus you have connected the B300S, the power consumption will be greater than the reference values in the chart.

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That doesn’t make sense to me, I understand that there is a certain amount of parasitic load but on other units that load isn’t shown on the display. Maybe its different for the AC500 and thats what your unit is drawing at idle but that indication should be AC load out, not idle load as well.

@doecliff I agree that most other units dont show this idle load as an output draw on the displays, but I actually prefer that Bluetti DOES include this info. I understand that it can be taken as confusing (as I am receiving this question all the time it seams. haha) but I believe it comes down to Bluetti being transparent. And at least in my use-cases, I monitor my draws to give me a solid basis on how long I can expect the units to run items. These parasitic draws can easily get forgotten about if they werent displayed.