AC500 B300s battery charging best practices

I just received the AC500 and B300s, and I’d like to know if there are best practices regarding charging the B300s battery. For example, can I leave it plugged into the AAC Input grid 100% of the time (act like a UPS for appliances plugged into the AC500) or… is it recommended to let the battery drain often to maximize life?

@rattzmt If you want to charge B300S faster, it is available to add a separate adapter to charge the battery pack. When the battery is depleted, the adapter charging needs to be re-plugged

You should be able to use it as you mentioned but it’s also recommended that you completely discharge the batteries and the recharge them every couple months or so. The way that’s recommended is to disconnect from any charging source and then put a continuous load on the batteries until they are depleted, and the unit shuts off then hook up the AC charger and completely recharge them to 100% without interruption. If you just received the unit its also recommended that you do this once or twice when its new, It calibrates the BMS system plus it will let you know if everything is working properly or if there’s any issues.


Thank you. This is helpful. Surprised I “missed” this tip in the manuals etc I received… lol In addition to period full drains every coupld of months… is there any concern leaving the unit plugged into the grid (with AC output load from freezer) so it can act like a UPS? (This would only be temp until my solar panels arrive)…

Thanks. I was looking for best practices to extend the life of the battery (not speed of recharge). Ie: keep it topped up at 100%… or let it drain down low and then top up etc etc. But I see @doecliff responded to recomend a full drain every few months

It shouldn’t be a problem from my understanding (I don’t have an AC500) but your settings should reflect that’s how you want to operate it.