AC500 & B300S - 054 D-BAT Drained


After purchasing the AC500 with 1 B300S battery, when I started to use it I noticed that the battery would go from around 40% to 0% very quickly after the unit has been on for a couple of days.

I further investigated this by removing all load from the unit, but keeping the AC on to see if it was caused by a surge in one of my appliances. After running like this overnight the same thing happened. The battery lost all its charge very quickly, with no reason or load on the system.

Having looked on these forums, I see something similar being reported across different models with the proposed solution being to fully charge and discharge the unit twice to calibrate the battery. The first time I did this, the unit went from 39% to 0% in 4 mins (I managed to witness it happening) and the second discharge took it from 48% to 0% in 5 mins.

There’s definitely a problem with my unit, can you help please?

Here are the details which may help:

IOT: v9041.03
ARM: v4048.02
DSP: v4047.06
BMS: v1022.09

SN: AC5002232000031009


@Rich1 054 can be cleared when SOC>5%. The firmware version is the latest. When the SOC reaches 0%, please try to charge it with an AC cable without interruption. If the charge and discharge cycles do not work, you can contact the after-sale service for a replacement.

@BLUETTI Yes I’ve already tried charging without interruption using the AC cable then discharging, so I need a replacement. Please tell me who to contact to get this resolved.

@Rich1 You can message me which platform did you buy from and the order number, then I will provide the contact and forward your request.

@BLUETTI It was bought on Indiegogo, contribution number 5448.

Please note that I’ve already emailed multiple times over the last 3 weeks without response, so if you’re going to suggest that to me, please don’t. I need a contact that will actually respond and help me please. Are you able to contact them internally within Bluetti to look at my problems for me?

@Rich1 I have left a message. They will contact you ASAP. You can check your email later.

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@BLUETTI_CARE they have just emailed, thanks a lot.

Was this issue ever resolved and do you know what happened with your unit? I am experiencing a similar situation with my AC500 unit. My unit was powering a small load (approximately 100 to 200 watts) this morning on a single B300s and the SOC was reading about 47%. When I checked on it about 5 minutes later, the SOC read 1% and then dropped to 0% and threw the alarm for bat depleted. I am recharging with AC right now as I was hoping this might be an SOC calibration issue but we will see if I get similar results. Mine is one of the first units as I got in on the early bird special but I never really let this battery get much below 50% before. I have 2 B300s batteries and have had issues with this one in the past charging to 99% and then continuing to charge for long periods of time but never reaching 100%. The other battery I got does not seem to experience this issue as it will reach 100% SOC. I am wondering if there is a problem with this particular battery. Thanks for any updates as it may help me troubleshoot my issue.

@Pilotstt Looking forward to the SOC calibration results. For the problem that the battery charge never reaches 100%, what charging method are you using? It is recommended that you try multiple charging methods to see if the results are the same.