AC500 as a standalone solution


can I use AC500 as a standalone solution, loading with solar panel?

Can I order this product via for delivery in France?

Thanks a lot, Hermann

Hi, like the AC300 the AC500 will not function without a compatible battery. Even if you feed it solar an AC300/500 without a battery will not allow you to turn the AC and DC outputs on. I’m not even sure if it will turn on at all.

I have not tested this first-hand but everything I’ve read suggests it will not work.

When bleutti said the first 850 orders would receive them by mid october. Did they mean for all countries like the UK

Also do you need to pay import duty and tax or do they cover this in the 286 dollar shipping fee?

I see you need a b300s to use it so the system is stand alone once you attach the battery but that is inlcuded for 3k.

Hello Newsolarfan,

Thanks a lot for this information.


From their Indiegogo page: “Is there any extra shipping fee and customs fee for certain areas/countries?
Check below: 1) US, Japan: Free shipping and tax. 2) Other Countries: The shipping fee will be superimposed on the checkout page. The shipping fee includes VAT.”

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