AC500 and AC200, 200P

I currently own both the AC200 and AC200P which I purchased mainly for emergency backup. Depending on my loads, I can probably get around 4-8 hours from each.

I was thinking of purchasing the AC500 as well which would hopefully somewhat double the amount of time.

Do you think that would be a good investment? If I’m not mistaken, the AC500 cannot use either the AC200 or 200P as an “expansion”.

Thank you in advance.

Yeah, there’s no way to use your AC200s as an expansion other than to daisy chain them using AC cables. That is, you can technically charge your B300 or B300S battery connected to your AC500 by using the standard AC input cable plugged into one of your AC200 inverter’s AC outlets. Note that the AC500 head unit itself has no battery and requires at least one B300 or B300S to work.

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Hi @MitchC , The same are hosts, AC500 can not be connected to AC200 or AC200P. As a modular home backup power station, AC500 can meet all your needs by adding additional B300S or B300 expansion batteries.

If you are interested in buying or want to know more, please click the following link. Thank you very much for your interest in AC500.

Thanks for the replies everyone.

I’m not ready for the AC500 & B300S as of yet, but maybe in the future.

Of course, there may be another product available down the road that might suit me better!

Thanks again, much appreciated.