AC500 alarm code 097 BMS temperature abnormal , new to this community

Hi just received my AC 500 today hooked up battery and powered on problem when i pugged into AC to charge ii got an alarm
BMS temp abnormal 097
tried with and without a extension cord same thing

appreciate any input
my guess it may be going back for repair???

Mine did that once when it was off for a few weeks in a cold but not freezing garage. I put a space heater near it for a while and it’s worked fine since then. Apparently the battery heater only works with the unit powered on and plugged into AC.

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Hi Eric, i guess i should have patience but when you pay over 4K for something it’s hard,

you are 100% correct it arrived on wednesday i put it in the garage nights have been in the 20s i moved it the house friday to test and set up after the error msg i let it sit for many hrs and then kept trying …boom now is working very happy.

thanks so much for the info look fwd to installing this in our off grid cabin

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@jsrore Is it reported when charging or discharging? What was the ambient temperature at the time of use? Can it be used normally after clearing the alarm?

just charging, and since the unit was brand new in the box sitting in 20F temps when i brought it in the house and set it up it did not dawn on me the temps of the batt…after it warmed up its working fine