Ac500 Ac300? Warranty?

Hi, just a couple of questions.

If you buy the AC500 at the fund raiser then how long after will you usually get this in hand in EU or UK? Has anyone seen the price yet on the ac500 and b300s?

Also if I I don’t want to wait and just go with the ac300 now then do you get a 2yr warranty or 4yr warranty.

The ac500 is a 3 year warranty?

What happens outside of warranty ? Can you pay bluetti to fix? Has anyone done this.

I mean a lot of batteries come with a 10yr warranty but 4years would be okay. 2 years is kind of small.


Hi @Newsolarfan ,Our crowdfunding campaign for this AC500+B300S will be online on September 1st PST, the final price is not yet available, you can follow and subscribe to this page to learn more.
The shipping timeframe will be based on order sequence. The warranty is three years.
As for the AC300 you can click below to buy it directly, the warranty is two years.

Thank you again for your support and trust in BLUETTI products.

On the webpage you linked to it says the ac300 warranty is 4 years.

This is confusing because it also says 2 years and 4 years in different places.

So to confirm the website says 4 years warranty but that is a mistake and it is only 2 years in fact?

Hi @Newsolarfan , sorry for hassle.
After confirming with the sales department, the warranty period for AC300+B300 is 4 years. Please feel free to purchase :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

That’s very good news. Thanks for confirmation.
Will be adding these to my bluetti collection i think before the 28th. 4 years warranty makes it far more attractive.