AC500/AC300 mixed split phase


Currently using a split-phase setup with two AC300s but was wondering if it is possible to have a mixed configuration, as described in the title.

Someone asked the same question on the DIY Solar Forum actually some time back but there was no clear-cut response and the person who asked the question and planned on implementing such a mixed setup gave up on the idea …

The comm cable is physically compatible, as far as I know, and I’m guessing the protocol spoken over the cable by the AC300 and the AC500 is also identical or at least compatible.
Would like to reconfirm both though.

Grateful for any insight.
Thank you.

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@gbk Theoretically we don’t recommend you do this. The technical department has not yet attempted such an approach. I’ve given feedback to them to try and see if it works. I’ll let you know if I have an update.

@gbk We did the test. AC500/AC300 mixed split phase is not feasible.


Thank you for your time and the confirmation.

Funny how I was considering doing this just a few days ago. I have an extra AC300 I wanted to use for this with my AC500. Glad this post confirmed it’s not a good idea.

You know kind of on this subject I wish we could trade in our AC 300s for AC500s plus an upgrade charge of course. I see the AC 300 is not currently part of the buyback program.


Agree 100%. Hope that, as time progresses, they will add the AC300 to their buyback program.

Either that or, to be honest, I’d be willing to consider buying the AC500 if they sold the inverter head-unit separately.
I’m aware of at least one jurisdiction (in APAC) where the AC500 inverter was very briefly offered as a standalone purchase (without even a single B300S) when it came off of crowdfunding. The price was unrealistic though and they pulled it after a few weeks. I have not seen it sold separately anywhere since.

I’m also hoping to be able to upgrade my two main AC300s at some point, one way or another.

@BLUETTI_CARE ^^^ For your consideration …

@gbk The new Trade-In program will be launched soon. AC300 will be included.


Great news. Thanks for the update.
Looking forward to it.