AC500 32A AC-Outlet (EU-Version)

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wondering what specific 32A-outlet is being used on the AC500 EU-Version? Couldn’t find any info on the websites/manual. Looks similar to a Wieland connector, but then again it’s missing that inverted triangle-shape.
Also, seems to small for that familiar CEE connector type (in comparison next to the Schuko 16A outlets).

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Hi @Winne , The following picture is for your reference :grinning:

Thanks a lot for your quick reply, @BLUETTI

What’s the name of the connector that is being used for “8. 32A AC Output” in your image, though?

It seems to be neither Schuko, nor CEE, nor Wieland or any other plug that is common in the EU…

Sorry to revive this thread, but can any of the AC500-owners based in the EU help out? :sweat_smile:

So, for the US-version, the AC outlets are named “L14-30”, “TT-30” or “NEMA14-50”.
As for the EU-version, I know that the 16A AC outlet is named “Schuko”.
But I’m wondering what the 32A AC outlet on the EU-version is being named…?

What’s the name of the connector that is being used for “8. 32A AC Output” in your image, though?
I have bought AC500 with EU outlets as shown in you picture, so how can I connect 32A ? What plug ou cable do we have to buy ? and where can we find them ?
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Sorry for the late reply, I need to consult with the technical engineer again about this plug and I will pass it on as soon as I have a reply.

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For more information about this interface, please refer to the following images

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Thanks a lot for clarifying, @BLUETTI :slight_smile:

So it seems like a proprietary design, since I couldn’t find this plug anywhere on AliExpress, Amazon, etc.
It’s a 3-pin plug with M28 threaded coupling (“Rundsteckverbinder” or a variant of the “aviation plug”).


I am about to order the AC500 alone, as I already have an AC300 + 2 B300.
I will upgrade my system.
However, I can’t find the 32A Aviation Plug cord for sale.
And I need it imperatively, otherwise I’ll stay on my AC300.
I don’t find it normal that it is not delivered with it!
For me, this is not an option but mandatory.
Who can add this information please?

it seems M28 connector for 32A AC500 is available on Italian Bluetti Store for 19,90€


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Hah, thanks a lot @ilmaggioc ! What a great find :partying_face:

Sorry, i am going to find in another post the result. :smile:
Very good job of your team, the consumption is very low.
The AC500 is better than AC300, but the result is perfect.
Because, i have a simple UPS backup 1200VA in my home, the consumption is 24 watts !!!

Congratulations to your development team. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Voici le Tableau de la consommation interne du AC300 vs AC500.

Now, 29 Euros :slightly_frowning_face:

Connector M28 AC 32A / 220 Volts Output for Bluetti AC500.

It is a pity that it is not included in the AC500 delivery package.
A small gesture from Bluetti would be welcome. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Connecteur M28 AC 32A / 220V site Bluetti France.

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