AC500 & 2x B300S temperature limitations discussion

Hi all,

wanted to share my experience with the charging temperature limitations of the AC500 with B300S.
I have been getting ‘097 temperature abnormal’ error on the unit, while on the app it’s calling it ‘low temperature protection’.

I am aware the AC500 has a charging low temp limit at 0 degrees Celsius.

As my manual has no detailed temperature reference, I had to resort to scrolling across any Bluetti documentation I could find on the web.

What I wasn’t aware was that the battery needs to warm up to 10 degrees Celsius before the inverter resumes charge.

I also wasn’t aware that the alarm automatically turns off once the 10 degrees is reached, with normal PV charging function resumed, with no need to reset the alarm manually.

Another thing I found is that apparently the self-heating feature of the B300S not only works on AC charge, but apparently also works on PV charge but only kicks in over 400w PV input.

If anyone, and/or @Bluetti can comment, confirm, deny that would be great.

I would suggest this essential information, if correct, be included in description of products and manuals for anyone wanting to use these products in colder climates, especially Off-Grid.

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Both over and under temperature will report 097 temperature abnormality.
Yes, the AC500 has a charging low temperature limit of about 0 degrees Celsius, and will return to normal at higher temperatures
The self-heating function of the B300S is obviously not only applicable to AC charging, but also to PV charging, but only if the PV input power exceeds 400w.

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