AC50 (not model s) no longer charging, no error codes

Hello, i bought a bluetti AC50 (Not the S version) just over 2 years ago, it was working fine until last week.

When i plug it into my 100W solar panel it would read that 150W was being imputed and then the screen would turn off and become unresponsive. if i unplugged and plugged back in the screen would work and then freeze again.

If i plug it into the wall it would read 118W and then after 1 minute the screen would turn off and be unresponsive again.

I charged it for an hour but then plugging anything in would not charge, but also no error codes.

i was able to take it apart and found that it looks like this might be burned (see attachment) and it does smell of burnt electronics (not the fist time i have smelled this working in IT)

is it possible to order a replacement board? i would hate to get rid of this over one bad circuit board.

Sounds and looks like overvoltage from your “100” watt solar panel fried the board.

I have been using this solar panel for 8 months now, the most it has ever done in full direct sunlight is 80 watts. When I plugged it in and got the weird reading it was 100% cloud cover and impossible for it to get more than 100 watts.

@dnielso5 , Hi, we do not recommend replacing the board. Replacing the BMS board requires some soldering skills and can cause a short circuit if operations not very careful…
You can contact our support department for further processing of the machine according to the warranty agreement.

Understood. I recall seeing another post with the same board issue and the original poster stated that they had connected panel(s) that significantly exceeded the input voltage limit. I wish I could remember exactly where I saw the post and I could include the link. The board looked exactly the same as yours.