Ac3oo and dc optimisers

Hi can you use dc optimisers with a bluetti ac300 inverter.

Hi @Alloby , The engineer confirmed that the two can be used together. :smile:

Ok thanks for reply Alby

@BLUETTI - do you know if it would work with the AC200MAX also?

@Alloby - do you have a specific product in mind? This may help with my shading. In the mornings and the evenings I have some shading on certain panels which reduces the total power to the AC200MAX. In the middle of the day it is perfect but in the morning / evening I would be actually better off with less panels :slight_smile:

I am going to try Tigo TS4-A-O they are supposed to fit most panels but they are out of stock at the moment although there are some on Ebay but twice the price so I will wait.

Hi @dr_torch , it is also works with AC200MAX.
Because our machines all have DC input. They are compatible with this DC optimizer. :grinning:

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