AC300 won't turn on

I’m using an AC300 configured with a 4x B300 stack. Always has worked over several months of use. I move the system from place to place, so I remove cables and reinstall cables with each project. Today, the inverter won’t turn on at all. Acting like no power is getting to it, as the display stays completely off. B300s are all powered and working. Have tried switching out battery interface cables to no avail. Is this a behavior that has been seen, and is there any recovery or diagnostic techniques that could help fix the problem?

I recommend attaching the AC charging cable and see if the AC300 will power on. If it does, check the error codes. If you see the following error codes:
001 D-AMCU Warning
002 D-BMS Warning
016 DC Input Voltage Low
054 D-Bat Drained
081 BMS Communications Interrupt
103 BMS communications cable error
Then you may have a BMS (Battery Monitor System) failure, and you must contact Bluetti service for a replacement if the AC300 unit is still under warranty. One of my original units (with 2140 in the serial number) has this failure and was replaced,

But if the AC300 does not power up after attaching the AC charging cable, you may have a different problem. You did what Bluetti suggested by swapping around the B300 interface cables, confirming a good seating on each cable, and confirming that the lock switch is on. I can only recommend contacting Bluetti service for more recommendations.

Thanks for the input